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Virtual business development event | Nov 23 - 26, 2020

Video Conference for Biotechgate Digital Partnering

Join four days of digital partnering and establish new global connections thanks to pre-arranged one-on-one ZOOM meetings. Biotechgate Digital Partnering is designed to support the business development of Biotech, Medtech and Pharma companies.

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Biotechgate Digital Partnering - Agenda and Messenger


Support during COVID-19 crisis

As it is currently not possible to arrange face to face meetings we would like to offer companies the possibility to continue business development and interact with partners, clients, licensees / licensors and suppliers. This offer is for anybody working in business development in life sciences including biotech, medtech, pharma, diagnostics, healthtech, suppliers, consulting and not-for-profit organisations.

Free digital partnering

To support you in the COVID-19 crisis, we want to make this partnering available for free to companies interested to participate.

  • Publish your profile and define your availability
  • Contact participants and reply to incoming meeting requests
  • Attend your pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings via ZOOM video conference calls

As a member company of any of our Biotechgate partners, you get free access to the premium version of Biotechgate Digital Partnering. If you are not a member of any of our partners, you still get free access with some limitations and a possibility to upgrade.


Biotechgate Digital Partnering is focusing on companies developing drugs, diagnostics and medical devices. The main objective of the event is to provide a platform for business development in the field of licensing and collaboration.

Below you find an overview of some of the over 2,000 delegates representing more than 1,200 participating companies that joined the last two Biotechgate Digital Partnering events in May and September 2020. Representatives of 14 out of the top 20 big pharma companies were attending, 45% of the participants were Biotech companies. We had participants from over 60 countries with a majority being business development (40%) or CEOs (30%). There were over 2,400 meetings scheduled.


  Basic access Premium access
4 days / 96 hours of partnering
Messenger and email alerts
Unique / individual videoconference link for each meeting
Your own full company and delegate profile
Profile import from Biotechgate
Company & delegate search (incl. A-Z)
Search what others are looking for
Search for assets, financing rounds and management  
Excel download of profiles, messages & schedule (see details »)  
Number of meetings Max. 10 meetings Unrestricted
Access to partnering after conference 3 days At least 6 months
Premium support (phone & email)  
Fee per individual delegate Free $195
SME package (incl. 4 participants)* 1st participant free $ 490
Corporate package (incl. 20 participants)* 1st participant free $ 1990
*Interested in a package? Please contact us »

Please use the registration form on the next page to register for free for the Biotechgate Digital Partnering. The registration is free of charge. The option to upgrade to a premium subscription is possible anytime after registration. Members of our partners or biotech, medtech, pharma, healthtech and not-for profit companies located in our partners' clusters will get a free upgrade to premium.





Why is the Biotechgate digital partnering free?
We want to support Life Science companies in the current COVID-19 crisis. Also, with our global Biotechgate partners, our business development Biotechgate database and our own HelloPartnering software, we at Venture Valuation are in a unique position to offer this service.
Can I do unlimited number of meetings?
With the free basic access, you can do 10 free meetings over the 4 days. If you and/or your organisation would like more meetings and meeting requests, you can upgrade to our premium service for USD 195 per delegate. If you are a member of a Biotechgate partner or a Biotechgate subscriber, you will get the premium partnering for free.
Who will participate?
We offer the premium partnering for free to all subscribers of Biotechgate and Biotechgate partner members (over 4,000 ). We offer our digital partnering to all life sciences companies and their business development and key management people. We expect again over 1,000 participants.
Who are the key target companies?
The free Biotechgate digital partnering is specifically targeted to start-up companies, small, early stage and innovative companies looking for partners, clients and licensees. The main focus is on the members of our partners, the Biotechgate subscribers, but also companies featured in Biotechgate.
Will this replace any face to face meetings?
No, we believe that face to face meetings and partnering events will still be very important in the future. We want to provide a solution for the time being when travel bans are still active and international meetings are not possible. We encourage you to continue visiting face to face business development meetings in the future.
The meeting is intended for business development for innovative biotechs, medtechs, healthtechs and pharma - how come I am getting more requests from service providers and very little from pharma?
We expect to have over 100 Pharma companies registered (15 of the top 20 Pharma companies) and even more companies actively looking for in-licensing opportunities. However, you will have to reach out to them, request a meeting and make sure they understand what you have to offer. It is important that your profile is up-to-date and you have an opportunity that is of interest to the other party. Service providers are also doing business development and are reaching out to companies potentially interested in their services.
When will the partnering happen and what are key dates?
The virtual meetings will take place from Monday, 23rd to Thursday, 26th of November. Registration will open end of September.
How will the virtual meetings work?
The virtual meetings will take place from midnight on Monday, 23rd of November UK time. You can select your time zone and choose when you will be available for meetings. HelloPartnering will then select a time both parties are available. You cannot pick a specific time/date yourself.
How can I define or change my time zone?
You can edit your time zone in your personal profile. Click on your name in the upper right corner and select "Personal profile". The time zone can be edited in the section "Address".
Once the search and meeting request sections have been enabled, you can also edit the time zone on the "Agenda" page. On the left side you can see a column "Your local time" with the suggested time zone for your system. Click on the displayed time zone to confirm or edit your time zone settings.
How will I "e-meet" with the other party?
Once both parties have agreed to meet and the meeting is schedule by the software, we provide both parties a link to our virtual meeting tool. For most meetings this will be ZOOM for which we have purchased licenses for these meetings. If you cannot use ZOOM, please let us know, as we can provide an alternative solution. When you click on the link at the arranged time, you will be automatically connected with your meeting partner.
What are the software requirements for the meetings?
We use Zoom to connect the two parties. Zoom is available on almost any platform including tablets and smart phones. Once you click on the provided meeting link, you will be asked to use the Zoom app or download the app if you haven't got it installed yet. For a few meetings for participants which cannot use Zoom, we may use a browser based video conferencing tool for which we recommend to use Firefox (click here for free download).
How can I test ZOOM and know that it works?
You can do a test ahead of time here, which also allows you to download the new app:
Any additional help regarding ZOOM can be found here:
Is ZOOM safe to use?
We have purchased the licenses for ZOOM for all your meetings, so this is not a free license. We provide a unique link for each of your ZOOM meetings, which increase the security. Also, ZOOM has recently upgraded their app (version 5.0) which you can download here:
The new version now features GCM Encryption, so we encourage to use the newest version.
Why has my accepted meeting not been scheduled / why does it say "no mutual availability"?
If an accepted meeting changes status from "accepted" to "no mutual availability" it means the system could not find a mutually available timeslot in the agendas of both parties. If this happens we encourage both parties to free up more timeslots in their agendas; the system will then try to schedule it in the next scheduling round. If you cannot open any more slots, you also have the option to contact the other party using the system's messenger function and kindly ask them to check their schedule and free up more slots if possible.
Do I receive a notification if a new meeting has been scheduled or a meeting request has arrived in my inbox?
To edit your notification settings, click on your name in the upper right corner and select "Notification preferences". In this section you can define if you want to receive an email immediately or on a daily basis if you received a new message, a new request, a cancellation or if a meeting has been scheduled or re-scheduled. If you do not receive any notification emails, please check if the notification feature is enabled for your account. Please also check your spam filter and add the domain "" to the whitelist of your email provider.
How can I upgrade to "Premium access"?
Please register for free (see next chapter). After the registration has been completed, log in to your Digital Partnering account. You find a button "Upgrade now" on the lower right side. Just click on it and follow the instructions on the screen.
How can I register?
Registration will open end of September 2020. We recommend to subscribe for the newsletter to stay informed about future events and when registration opens.

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Biotechgate Digital Partnering

Biotechgate Digital Partnering is offered by Venture Valuation VV Inc, Switzerland, who also owns and runs the Business Development database Biotechgate and HelloPartnering. The free partnering is intended to support the Life Science industry, specifically start-ups and small, innovative companies to continue their business development.

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